A revolutionary approach

Data Drive's algorithms revolutionize the scientific approach behind fleet dispatching, leapfrogging the traditional non-optimal mathematical programming solutions, allowing our partners' mobility services to reach unprecedented levels of speed, accuracy, efficiency and scalability.


Compared to existing technologies, we offer up to 1000x boost in computation time. This means that we can process requests in the most efficient way, adapting to any dynamic context with real time services.


Our systems can easily process in real time batches of requests offering the same super-fast processing speed regardless of the fleet size or the number of constraints required by the service and/or the mobility scenario.


We manage multiple typologies of vehicles simultaneously, with different constraints and load options. From cars to motorbikes to 60 passenger buses, up to potentially integrating parcel, people and food mobility in a mixed fleet, providing sharing options if needed.


Our algorithms feature systematic optimization that avoids uncontrollable local minima in performance. This means that for every single operation, we can guarantee the desired level and quality of service and KPI  with an almost 100% confidence level.


We operate in different mobility scenarios, dealing with various fleet types, ranging from cars to vans, e-scooters to trucks, bikes to autonomous robots, mixed or not, offering fully customized services by tackling all the KPIs and QoS constraints of any mobility service.