Warehouse Automation

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Warehouse automation systems are evolved into highly automated environments where autonomous bots are used to move parcels and goods within the warehouse. The efficient and conflict-free movement of autonomous bots within the warehouse has become the key challenge to solve. Data Drive offers the most advanced, conflict-free routing technology, designed to maximize autonomous robots utilization and to reduce the costs of the equipment needed to automate a warehouse.

Our process

Data Drive takes care of the huge data-processing workload behind your warehouse automation  system by:

Analyzing the data to show how the system could be further improved
Identifying and meeting KPIs requirements within the warehouse automation service
Customizing the routing algorithm to specific system layouts
Designing optimized, conflict free bot trajectories that maximize hourly transactions
Achieving the system target KPIs while abating bot operational costs

Are you a distributor looking to manage autonomous robots in the process of warehouse automation?

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